This Pokemon World Champion has opened a real-life gym in New York City

This Pokemon World Champion has opened a real-life gym in New York City ...

Wolfe Glicke, a 2016 Pokémon World Champion, has recently released a video on his YouTube channel showcasing his limited-time event held in New York City, where he opened his very own Pokémon gym for a day.

Wolfe Glicke, a Pokémon VGC tournament winner who has won every level, is one of the most well-known and respected names in the competitive Pokémon scene.

After a recent spike in popularity, he decided to leverage his experience and reach to build one of the most ambitious events in the general Pokémon scene—the opening of a real-life Pokémon gym.

Wolfe's latest YouTube video, a 10-minute demonstration of how the Pokémon gym came together and functioned, revealed the event and its details only a month ago.

Wolfe Glicke and his crew partnered up with P448, an Italian luxury footwear company that he used to use as his very own Pokémon gym for a day in New York.

Long lines of people waited to enter the former World Champion's gym, including some fierce Wolfe supporters and competitive Pokémon players themselves, while others just became interested in Pokémon during the current Pokémon Scarlet and Violet era and wanted to have a good time connecting with the people and the features inside the building.

The oh-so-familiar "Fresh Water dude" welcomed participants into the game, handed them a water bottle, and advised them which Pokémon would be best for training.

Wolfe's was a water-type gym, in which he utilized a special team he constructed to accommodate the formula gym leaders used in official matches. Below is the team that Wolfe Glicke used:

Water-types—and Coalossal? In true Scarlet and Violet gym leader fashion, Coalossal donned the Water Tera type, where one Pokémon did not match the Gym Leader type theme but had a Tera type that did.

As you enter the door, no trainer is permitted to confront the Gym Leader. These are always challenges posed by Gym Trainers, who in this case were Wolfey's good pals and competitive Pokémon peers: Aaron Traylor, Aaron Zheng, and James Baek, three internationally recognized players who have each achieved high rankings.

People who desired not to just savor the gym, taking pictures with everybody, but rather to be the finest that no one has ever been had the chance to compete against one of the Gym Trainers, beaten who would lead them to the Gym Leader, Wolfe Glicke, for a special-crafted Gym Badge and all the glory you can ask for.

The battles took place in the official competitive Pokémon format, where players would face off in double battles. Players may form and bring a team of six Pokémon and would have to choose four of the six to bring into battle during the team preview where each player gets to see the opponent's team for a limited time.

Although Wolfe showed off his world-class skill as a competitive Pokémon player, there were a few players who caught him off guard and fought him, earning themselves a Gym Badge.

Regardless of whether or not they won, everyone who participated in the Gym Challenge would still receive a participatory Gym Badge different from the winning badge, as well as a complimentary pair of shoes from P448.

A lot of people who attended the event were interviewed on camera to express their thoughts. One lady said she was "walking by the store and there was a long line outside and it looked really cute and exciting inside, so I had to stop in and see what was going on."

Several of the attendees were from New York, but others flew in from other countries. “I came from Louisiana, so I could not have asked for a better day, it was a pleasure,” said a fan.

"It was a long journey. It was everything I could ever ask for; I'm sounded like a broken record, but it's truly a joy to get to face Wolfe and demonstrate the greatest that I have."

Wolfe has also stated that he wants to be the first real-life Elite Four in the world, an endeavor he will only complete with the support of his supporters.