How to try and contact Xiao in Genshin Impacts Perilous Trail quest

How to try and contact Xiao in Genshin Impacts Perilous Trail quest ...

The Chasm underground map is one of the most remarkable aspects of Genshin Impact.

Players must use a special device to see in the dark and avoid dangers in this section. The Perilous Trail questline will take players on a strange journey, unveiling secrets of many important characters, including Yelan, Itto, Kuki, Yanfei, and Xiao.

With the Realm of Snaring Illusions domain, players will stumble into an area where time does not work as usual. They'll also discover a new way to wander into space. Beforehand, they'll have to track Xiao by following his voice, as the undergrounds is a labyrinth.

In Genshin Impact's Chasm. Here's how to try and communicate with Xiao.

In Genshin Impact's Perilous Trail quest, how do you get to meet Xiao?

You'll have to abide by a simple rule: always follow the correct direction. Don't follow the map's compass if it will lead you to the opposite wall.

Always follow the tunnel on the right, and you'll end up finding him. The map's compass will guide you in the direction you need to go toward the end of the journey.

At some point, you'll head to a tunnel with fallen wood pillars. This indicates that you're getting closer to Xiao. Go a little further and you'll complete this stage of the quest.