Omega Protocol Ultimate Race to World First Live Tracker in Final Fantasy XIVs

Omega Protocol Ultimate Race to World First Live Tracker in Final Fantasy XIVs ...

Final Fantasy XIV's Patch 6.31 contains the latest Ultimate trial, Omega Protocol (Ultimate). Teams have already begun progressing through the competition in order to win exclusive honors in the Race to World First competition and get exclusive loot.

The Omega Protocol (Ultimate) brings players back to the Stormblood expansion, and teams are already doing their best to get through the fight on day one. Ultimate duties are by far the hardest content in Final Fantasy XIV, therefore players are more likely to watch coordinated teams figure out the rules and complete it rather than dip their toes in themselves.

The Race to World First is being doubled as a charity event this year. Mogtalk is covering the race and also collecting donations for Extra Life, a fundraising program that supports Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Watch live commentary about the fights and speculation about future phases of the race.

In Final Fantasy XIV, where can I see The Omega Protocol's Race to World First (Ultimate)?

The TOP Race to World First is available in several ways. The quickest and easiest way to see teams' progress at a glance is to look at FF Logs. The home page will have a team featured, and will also have a link at the top of the page to see the top two currently live channels compete and show the rankings.

Teams will likely spend anywhere from eight to 12 hours doing as many pulls as they can to progress as far as they can. A list of all of the participating teams may be found on the FF Logs' Race to World First page.

Live updates and leaderboard for The Omega Protocol (Ultimate)

Neverland has started making changes once more, with the third phase now requiring only 11 more percent damage to be completed (Otter Nuts and Kindred, from 99 to 74 percent). Since the fight resets entirely with every wipe, progress for participating teams is slow.

1:30am CT - Neverland maintains its large advantage over all other top 20 teams on phase three's progress, although the team is taking a break, remaining at the same level of progress as the other Top 20 teams. Further ones are still blocked at the start of that phase.

Teams aren't making much progress on phase three, aside from Neverland. On phase three, Neverland is down to 34.8 percent, and the next team behind them is down to 95.2 percent. Several teams that have remained in the top 20 are still stuck in phase two.

Neverland, Kindred, Kinda Awk, and Alice in Abyssos have all reached the third stage of their journey, while the trailing three teams have barely scratched the boss.

Neverland, Kindred, and Kinda Awk are nearing completion of phase two of their journey at 2:30pm CT. They aren't streaming their progress, so it's difficult to see what they're stuck on. Meanwhile, Kindred is hot on their heels with only three percent left on the second phase.

11am CT - EU teams are working on increasing their pull before they call it a day, and NA teams are starting to take their turns with the Ultimate. Neverland, an EU team, is still on the top of the leaderboard with their best pull of 34.8 percent on phase two. Kindred is currently just behind them with a best of 54.6 percent on phase two.

  • Phase one: Omega
  • Phase two: Omega – M/F
  • Phase three: Omega Reconfigured
Team nameRegionPullsPhasePercent
Otter NutsNA200377.7
Alice in AbyssosEU210386.1
Common PlayerJP1133 (+1)89.4
KrileJP1163 (+1)94.5
NO CCHHJP1453 (+1)96.5
Understanding EthicsJP1843 (+1)99.2
REALFORCEJP1483 (+1)99.4
Kinda AwkJP2523 (+1)99.9
Kirrana’s TivoliEU2143 (+1)100
Pokemon #316NA2963 (+1)100
BRB CNYJP25920.33
Gray NineJP19525.11
UNREAL (new)NA133210.1
Chair For MattyEU228219.1
Just Crit BetterNA222226.5
Aster Ver 2.0NA189229.1
Crack AddictsEU92231.2