Thibaut Courtois is currently the most difficult card to pack in FIFA 23 TOTY

Thibaut Courtois is currently the most difficult card to pack in FIFA 23 TOTY ...

Thibaut Courtois was crowned the best goalkeeper in 2022 by soccer fans, earning him a spot in the FIFA 23 Team of the Year. He is, however, much harder to pack than all of his FIFA 23 Team of the Year teammates. It's not that Courtois is programmed to never concede any goals, but it's still a result of poor EA coding.

When it comes to FUT discussions, goalkeepers are often left out. Most players prefer to invest their money in any other position than give the man between the sticks a sincere thought. If goalies are unable to participate by playing merits, they will try other methods, as demonstrated by the present case with TOTY Thibaut Courtois.

EA added the Real Madrid shot-stopper to FUT packs yesterday, along with the four Team of the Year defenders—Achraf Hakimi, Virgil van Dijk, Éder Milito, and Théo Hernández. The introduction of the defensive line to packs has been straightforward, as far as we know, but the same cannot be said of the goalkeeper.

Several FUT players have shared their dissatisfaction with the most recent Team of the Year content on Reddit. The thread explains that packing TOTY Thibaut Courtois will not actually get you the respective item. Instead, all of these players ended up with the base Gold version of Courtois.

It is unclear if the issue is affecting all players who pack TOTY Courtois or if it is something that affects a smaller portion of players. The usual development is delayed compensation for those affected.

Compensation should be a straightforward swap of the wrongly acquired Gold Courtois with the correct TOTY Thibaut Courtois item, although that seems far too generous given previous history on similar matters.

If you are among the victims, we recommend focusing your prayers on a timely resolution. Sure, getting two Courtois items for the price of one would be nice, but getting your hands on TOTY Courtois earlier than March should be a top priority.