What is World of Warcraft's Mage Tower?

What is World of Warcraft's Mage Tower? ...

World of Warcraft, an 18-year-old game, can become stale as you replay the same dungeons, clear the same raids, and farm the same world quests. As part of its regular practice, Blizzard Entertainment has begun adding new features such as Garrisons, Torghast, and mission tables to the game.

The most recent WoW feature that is still held high is the Mage Tower. Mage Tower is a perfectly balanced combination of a real challenge for your specialization, enticing you to use the spells that have been neglected in your Spellbook, and a full-blown class fantasy experience.

Mage Tower is no longer under construction following the release of Patch 10.0.5, and you may make your way to it once more to enjoy the best Mage Tower rewards, such as rare appearances and mounts. Before you slap yourself to the teeth with old trinkets and make your way to Mage Tower, learn more about the Mage Tower—what it is, its history, and how to get there.

In WoW, what is the Mage Tower?

Mage Tower is a solo instance that resisted Sargeras' forces and saved the universe from a nearly definitive end, and seven unique encounters that will push you and your class and spec knowledge to the limits. Initially, Mage Tower rewards were focused on what was then the primary source of power—Artifact Weapons.

Players could earn armor set appearances, achievements, and a Soaring Spelltome mount as part of Patch 10.0.5. Once again, players may enter the Mage Tower testing grounds, put their abilities to the test, and begin earning these rewards.