Genshin Impact's new space and completion of the End of the Line quest

Genshin Impact's new space and completion of the End of the Line quest ...

Genshin Impact's darkest zone is the Chasm, an underground mine where players meet frightening creatures and must lighten the path so that they don't die to their death.

The main quest, End of the Line, will trap players in one of these traps. They'll have to devise a strategy to get out of a cursed area where time stops and space forces them to do rounds without being able to escape.

Players will be required to "Enter a new space" before reaching the end of the quest, which will take them to the Realm of the Illusions Domain, where they'll find the Compass Yanfei was looking for. They'll discover that time is extremely flexible.

If players do not find the solution, it may take more than an hour to complete the domain, but it will take only 10 minutes or so.

Here's the way to complete the "Enter a new space" part of the Genshin Impact end of the line quest.

In Genshin Impact, how do you get to the new space and complete the End of the Line quest?

Players will need to tinker with the Compass by moving its needle in order to complete the quest. They'll be able to unlock new realities when changing the area and going through portals.

To change the next reality, you'll have to move both feet of the needle, back and forth, each time changing something in the current reality. Here's a step-by-step guide.

When you enter the area for the first time, you'll have to defeat a few enemies with Yanfei. Do this and then raise the lever on the right of the compass (if there is one). Next, move the needle backward or forward, whichever way is available. Lastly, enter the next altered reality.

The needle can only move in two places in the beginning, so it's not difficult to determine which direction to take. If the needle doesn't move before you enter the portal, you'll just end up in the same situation.

Once you've raised the lever, you'll notice in the next altered reality that the tree was crushed by the stones you freed. Rather, only a small branch will remain.

To progress through the Domain, hit this branch to destroy it. This will liberate the lower part of the compass in the next reality. Before going through the portal again, rotate the needle once more.

If you click the button on this sign correctly, the portal will light up.

If you enter the next reality, you'll notice that another lower side of the compass has been revealed through time. Rotate the needle on it to continue progressing. If it's done correctly, this time, the portal will emit a light glow.

The domain's last step is here. Over time, the whole compass has come out of the ground, and for the first time, you can see the lower symbol. To enter the Domain's final area, click on the needle on the link above.

After going through this portal, you'll be able to access the next objective and progress through the quest.