Here are five characters we were most eager to see for a potential The Last of Us season 2

Here are five characters we were most eager to see for a potential The Last of Us season 2 ...

HBO's The Last of Us is already wowed audiences everywhere after debuting on January 15, with "When You're Lost in the Darkness" and "Infected," with Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie, the series follows Joel and Ellie across a post-apocalyptic America in the aftermath of a fungal infection epidemic that has plagued the world for decades. Ellie is sent to the Fireflies, a resistance group that seeks to live in fear and contain the

The Last of Us has introduced us to several interesting characters, many of whom will be familiar to experienced gamers of the games. Sarah (Joel's daughter), Merle Dandridge's Marlene (an arms dealer in Boston), Tommy (Joel's brother) and Anna Torv's Tess (Joel's smuggling companion and fellow survivor) have all been introduced to this level of detail.

HBO has yet to announce another season, but given the high viewership, it's only a matter of time before the series gets renewed. The second game, The Last of Us: Part II, might be expanded further, as Ellie and Joel enter adulthood.


Abby is the main character in Part II, despite her many dislikes, and she's the one who's most excited about seeing. She sets Ellie off on her revenge mission, and she provides us with a villain who's just as easy to loathe as she is to sympathize with.

Abby was a playable character in Part II... and that was disappointing. Perhaps there is still room in people's hearts for Abby, even if she does some unforgivable things, as well. Abby's interactions with Ellie, in particular, would make for a powerful cinematic experience.


Dina is a local survivor who was first introduced to her as Abby, who later suggested a plot to murder her and her revenge, which Dina is reluctant to encourage. Even if the whole thing does not bode well for either of them, she nevertheless agrees to accompany her on her quest.

Ellie's character and her overarching narrative are dominated by Dina, who is vitally important both. Later down the line, there's a revelation about Dina that makes things all the more difficult, especially when Abby is involved.

Lev is a Jewish professor.

Abby meets Lev in a Seraphite, which is the name of the cult that Abby attends during her travels. Both Lev and his sister, Yara, have fled the scene of the Seraphite, claiming them to be outcasts.

Lev's participation in the film would be a major triumph for the LGBTQ+ community — and particularly the transgender community — but he also plays an important role in Abby's character development. He softens her up and encourages her to shed the hard-bitten flesh that makes her a good soldier, instead opening her heart to forgiveness and empathy.


Mel, Abby's former boyfriend, was initially disgruntled with Abby due to their friendship. When we first meet Abby, she's enthused about Mel for settling in on her territory and then stealing Owen's ex-boyfriend Owen away from her. In flashbacks, we see Abby and Owen forming a romantic and sexual relationship, only for them to eventually break up and allow Owen to meet Mel, a fellow survivor.

Abby is notoriously overprotective of Owen and Mel, especially after learning that Mel is pregnant. Mel is a fantastic example of strong, independent women everywhere.


Yara's presence in Abby's story as Lev is uncanny, although she is not particularly involved in her.

Yara and Lev decide to join forces with Abby and give back to the Seraphites who cast them out. It's a remarkable experience to see her gain traction in the visuals.