Is Rick a pansexual from Rick and Morty?

Is Rick a pansexual from Rick and Morty? ...

Since AdultSwim's outrageous animated comedy Rick and Morty began airing in 2013, nobody would suspect it from initial glances, since Rick can be a bit racial, misogynistic, and discriminatory (i.e. Abradolf Lincler), but he's apparently in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community because he himself is a pansexual. At the same time, showrunner Dan Harmon and animator/voice actor Justin Roiland attended San Diego Comic-Con, where

Ryan Ridley, a former Rick and Morty writer and voice actor, was also present during the debate on Rick's sexuality: “Rick is gay,” said Ridley, while “Rick is pansexual,” according to The Guardian. Palicky is a Harry Herpson High School student who frequently bullies Morty, but his conversations reveal that he's secretly insecure.

What is the definition of pansexual?

The term 'pansexual' is more obscure to the general public than does the term 'lollibian, gay, transgender, and bisexual.' That's because the L, G, B, and T in the acronym are more often used in modern media, as non-LGBTQ+ people are more aware of the concepts.

Pansexualism is broadly defined as "sexual, romantic, or emotional attraction" to individuals, regardless of their gender identity, as lesbians would, let's say. Essentially, gender isn't a determining factor for who they might be romantically or sexually attracted to.

Rick has sexual interactions with men, women, and gender non-conforming individuals.

Even though Rick and Morty is no longer broadcasting its sixth season in December 2022, there is one crucial episode that gives us an idea of Rick's romantic and sexual preferences. Rick Sanchez has many sexual relationships with many creatures throughout this universe and every other, but he never reveals the gender of those he encounters. Unity takes the form of many forms, species, races, and identities.

When Rick restarts a relationship with Unity, she invites him back to her "headquarters" of sorts, where she oversees the ongoing management of the planet and its inhabitants. Inside, there are countless individuals of all shapes and sizes who greet Rick with suggestive kisses and playful touches. It's implied that Rick has sexual interaction with many of Unity's counterparts, whether they're male or female.

Rick Sanchez is not discovered every day, but Harmon and Roiland were aware of it seven years ago.