What is Trypophobia and how does it work? Doja Cats red outfit reactions, explained

What is Trypophobia and how does it work? Doja Cats red outfit reactions, explained ...

Doja Cat and 'trypophobia' became the hottest topics on the internet after the 27-year-old American rapper attended the Schiaparelli Show at Paris Fashion Week, covered head-to-head in over 30,000 Swarovski red crystals. But for all the wrong reasons, internet users chastised Doja Cat, calling her a 'people's paradise' because of her unorthodox appearance. According to beauty expert Pat McGrath, the entire face and body looked shimmered under a

Trypophobia is a term used to describe an intense fear, similar to arachnophobia or aerophobia. For example, sunflowers, honeycombs, sponges, and seedy fruits may evoke feelings of discomfort or nausea in people who have trypophobia, which is defined as an anxiety disorder.

Any trypophobia sufferers will be sorry in advance. You may want to skip over the following image.

Trypophobia is a relatively new disorder that first became a household name in 2005. Another theory claims that your brain uses more energy and oxygen to process hole-like patterns, causing feelings of worry.

Exposure therapy may be used in extreme cases to treat and manage trypophobia symptoms, shows you images or videos of holes while assisting you in adjusting your response, and gradually expands the exposures until you touch or hold a sponge with a hole-like pattern.

Doja Cat's appearance is likely to be mixed with genuine responses, while others are just joking fun with her expressive flair by pretending to be defiant. Since trypophobia is quite common, we'll assume that the majority of reactions are genuine.