Mia Goths new erotic horror film with David Cronenbergs son is spooky

Mia Goths new erotic horror film with David Cronenbergs son is spooky ...

Mia Goth may not be nominated for her performance in Pearl, but her next horror film with Brandon Cronenberg is absolutely undeniable.

Infinity Pool is aiming for all of the world as the most provocative and unrelentingly horny horror film in decades, having been reduced from an NC-17 rating to a R. Sundance teased it as perhaps the most outrageous film any member of the Cronenberg clan has ever made.

Brandon Cronenberg, the son of well-known body horror director David, has seen three films so far in his career — all with the hallmarks of his father's unmistakable eroticism and horror. Like father, like son. Although we do wonder if David will make a call to "make sure everything's okay at home" following Infinity Pool.

Goth may have a difficult time securing more industry recognition for her performances in Pearl and X, but she appears to be ready to give another outrageous and enticing performance.

If you were unsure about what this film envisions itself as, here's how Goth and his co-star Alexander Skarsgrd rocked up on the red carpet for Infinity Pool. Somebody cue up Depeche Mode's "Master and Servant."

With Mia Goth doorhangers and mask cut-outs, the screening's meme value didn't stop there, as the actress teases the ridiculousness of this White Lotus-like setting with all the horniness of, well, a Cronenberg film. Infinity Pool is currently in production in the United States.