Now that Justin Roilands is no longer in Rick and Morty, will MultiVersus replace his voice?

Now that Justin Roilands is no longer in Rick and Morty, will MultiVersus replace his voice? ...

Justin Roiland's very public fall from grace has been real car crash television for fans of Rick and Morty as well as his many other creative endeavors. Roiland is now facing serious sexual misconduct and domestic violence accusations.

There are still issues to be addressed, given how serious the situation is, and the fact that he will no longer be a member of Rick and Morty for next seasons. Roiland voiced the characters in nearly every possible medium, and the tie-ins featuring him are now in a bad spot.

Will Roiland's many games and crossovers have to change their voice actors, such as MultiVersus, or will they have to completely eliminate his characters from existence?

Justin Roiland will be replaced by MultiVersus?

The situation surrounding Roiland has significant implications for the entertainment world, particularly the highly successful MultiVersus game. Louis C.K. was voted off the list due to previous poor behavior on Gravity Falls and its tie-ins, thus there is a history of recasting.

Roiland, Rick and Morty, and the crossover with MultiVersus, are likely to have two outcomes.

Warner Bros.' most immediate change will be Rick and Morty's removal from the game indefinitely. The situation surrounding Roiland is particularly troubling for MultiVersus given how familiar he is with those characters, let alone him voicing them for the game.

The other will be the recasting of his two voice actors. It is very unlikely that MultiVersus will avoid needing to hire new voice actors for the television series. It is quite probable that Roiland will be the next player to issue a press release on the situation.

The most unlikely outcome is that the characters remain playable and Roiland's voice remains in-game. This is a rare event that would likely crash MultiVersus beyond repair.