Fans of Rick and Morty are ecstatic about the comeback of the series without Justin Roiland

Fans of Rick and Morty are ecstatic about the comeback of the series without Justin Roiland ...

Adult Swim's relationship with Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland has officially ended, but the network intends to continue broadcasting the animated series for many seasons, with a remake on the horizon. Fans of the show and pop culture, in general, have been following Roiland's horrific actions, and Adult Swim's decision was welcomed.

Fans who have shared differing thoughts about the show and its continuation are giving a nod of appreciation to Adult Swim for continuing to employing those involved with the series while cutting ties with Roiland. The network's intention is in line with those who are concerned about those who have long since been involved with the story.

Despite Roiland's actions, many fans agree that the crew must continue to perform their duties.

Adult Swim may have chosen to do this, whether they are avid followers of the series or not. It may not be omitted that Roiland was a co-creator of Rick and Morty, but it may be expanded on fresh territory in the future.

Some investors feel that Roiland's absence will make the series outstanding. As he played several roles in the animated series, there is plenty of room for additional talent to join in and put a unique spin on Rick and Morty.

Adult Swim is getting additional applause as fans gather to say that this one was made correctly.

Fans have also used this opportunity to express concerns that Roiland should have known better, and that is one sentiment shared by many who have heard the story. Whatever Roiland has been accused and found guilty of, the actions that he has committed are undeniable, and no one deserves to have suffered as a result.

Fans are ecstatic that those who worked alongside him will be given the chance to have a bright future in his absence.

The recast makes some fans wonder if the show might be funnier, and with an already strong following, it has the potential to improve significantly from here. Rick and Morty has attracted a large following over the last several years, and as Adult Swim continues to evolve in the right direction, we're certain they'll continue to give the program a shot.

If you were once a fan of Rick and Morty, it makes no sense to continue the journey with it after Roiland's horrific actions. If you cannot remain safe in this space any longer, you don't need to give it another chance, even if the series' future no longer concerns him.

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