Justin Roiland has resigned from the Squanch Games

Justin Roiland has resigned from the Squanch Games ...

Justin Roiland's infamous past is bringing all of the chips down.

Adult Swim has announced that it is separating from the creator of Rick and Morty (the animated series is expected to continue into its seventh season), and High on Life creator Squanch Games has confirmed that Roiland has stepped down from the company he founded: a week ago.

Justin Roiland's resignation and dismissal from Rick and Morty come as the writer faces domestic abuse charges for an incident that took place in 2020, as well as the emergence of some downright creepy DMs with underage fans. In its statement, the studio reiterated its commitment to continue to improve and support its latest quirky first-person shooter, High on Life, which features Roiland's voice.

Roiland founded Squanch Games in 2016 and has developed four games (including High on Life) since its inception, the studio's maiden title being Accounting back in 2016, followed by Dr Sporchy Presents: Space Heroes for Google Daydream and Trover Saves the Universe in 2019.

Fans of Roiland's work seem to have collectively breathed a sigh of relief that Squanch Games, and perhaps more prominently, Rick and Morty, would continue to exist without him. In fact, fancasting for Rick and Morty's new voice is already underway.