Is Rick and Morty canceled prior to the seventh season?

Is Rick and Morty canceled prior to the seventh season? ...

Since it was discovered that the show's co-creator Justin Roiland was involved in a felony domestic violence case involving an unnamed Jane Doe, Rick and Morty has been in jeopardy.

The attorney for Roiland denied the charges against him, but the damage was already done. Should a sliver of hope for Roiland's reputation be lost, it would be shattered by the subsequent leak of alleged DMs between Roiland and an underage fan that occurred years prior to his domestic violence charges; DMs that contained lewd and disturbing language that left the program — and its creator — officially dead to fans.

It became a question whether or not anything Roiland had touched might be enjoyed guilt-free. Some even speculated whether his work on Gravity Falls would be redubbed.

The fate of Rick and Morty seemed to be nearing overdue, but on January 24, Adult Swim issued a formal statement confirming whether or not the show would finish with Roiland's scandal or continue with a seventh season.

Will there be a Season 7 of Rick and Morty, or has the Rick and Morty controversy canceled?

Adult Swim stated in a tweet to its official Twitter account that Rick and Morty would continue to exist for a seventh season, and that Justin Roiland would not be involved with it.

Adult Swim has yet to announce how season seven will be implemented nor whether Season Seven would be released in 2023. According to The Wrap, Rick and Morty would henceforth produce one season a year, and Roiland said "the show could run forever." Season six was originally released in September 2022, so it was assumed that fans would expect a seventh seven in 2023.

There will certainly be a delay between seasons due to the elimination of Roiland and the renovation that will need to be performed to keep the show going. At the moment, it's unclear how long that delay will last.

If Adult Swim chooses to go along that path, the assumption remains that an entirely new voice actor would be hired to take over the roles.

A lot is unknown about the seventh season of Rick and Morty except that it will not feature Justin Roiland at this time. We Got This Covered will update you with more information as it becomes available.