As lovers say goodbye to an iconic series, zombie fever has faded out of the Netflix charts

As lovers say goodbye to an iconic series, zombie fever has faded out of the Netflix charts ...

The Walking Dead had a good run, but season 11 of the show is now trailing behind in the Top Ten of Netflix's Top Ten charts, and we all know what happens to the person at the back of the group in a zombie chase! Though in this case, the show is less likely to be eaten by zombies and more likely to saunter off the chart, perhaps never to again.

The eleventh season of AMC's hit program was its final season, and it was an emotional one for fans to say the least. The final episode, titled Rest In Peace, aired on November 20, 2022. After premiering on AMC, the program moved over to Netflix on January 6.

It may still hang in there, but it is more than likely it will give up to fate and drop off in the following week, meaning it is unlikely to return to the Netflix Top Ten in the future.

Fans should not be concerned, as The Walking Dead universe will continue to develop six new shows, including Fear the Walking Dead's eighth and final season in May, The Walking Dead: The World Beyond's two-season run in 2021, and Tales of the Walking Dead appeared last year.

The Walking Dead: The Dead City continues to be expanded, and fan favorites Michonne and Rick will return in their own show in 2024. So much like the zombies in the show, the end of The Walking Dead does not necessarily mean it is over.

The genre isn't going anywhere, certainly not with HBO's adaptation of The Last of Us achieving phenomenal success on their platform. While zombie fever may be coming to an end, it certainly hasn't faded out of the cultural landscape.

So while you may still watch the entire original The Walking Dead on Netflix, you don't have to feel too apprehensive that it is done given how much more is on the way.