Justin Roiland might be best written out of Solar Opposites in this manner

Justin Roiland might be best written out of Solar Opposites in this manner ...

At this point, it is safe to assume that we're all more or less clued in as to why Justin Roiland would not be involved in Rick and Morty or why he resigned from his game development company Squanch Games.

Roiland's departure has left a bit of a vacuum when it comes to the affected franchises' future. While Ricky and Morty and arguably High on Life are the two most notable works affected by Roiland's departure, it's easy to forget another of the disgraced animator's projects — Solar Opposites.

Roiland was the voice of one of the Hulu show's main characters, Korvo, who will soon be recast — according to a Twitter user. There is a simple and straightforward way to deal with Roiland's absence from the program: a Twitter user.

Justin Roiland's works are well-known for nothing, if not their meta humor, so the approach proposed above by @Baalcebub isn't that far-fetched.

We can see something similar happening with Rick and Morty, either as a whole episode or an opening sequence in which the titular characters end up in a predicament in which their voices are permanently altered, tagging the event with something along the lines of 'we were bad people, anyway.' Or it barely addresses the voice change at all, with a one-and-done statement about the vocal shakeup.

With Roiland rightfully out of the picture, Rick and Morty fans have been coming in large and fast with ideas on who should replace the fan-favorite characters, with some serious options, while others, less.