All of the biggest Oscar snubs in 2023

All of the biggest Oscar snubs in 2023 ...

As the Academy Awards nominations for 2023 have been released, we now know who has been nominated for Hollywood's biggest night. Many of the recipients are first-time nominees, with Judd Hirsch setting a new record for the longest gap between two nominations.

Everything Everywhere All At Once blew the trumpet with 11 nominations in several categories this year, but some films, and some gifted individuals, have been left out of the lineup. Let's take a look at all of the films and individuals that should have been nominated.

The Fabelmans' Seth Rogen Wins the Best Supporting Actor Award

Seth Rogen, well-known as a comedic actor, weighed heavily on The Fabelmans, with his portrayal of Sammy, who he both stole from or managed to hold his ground in, and there was one particularly powerful scene with Sammy that affirmed Rogen as a serious dramatic actor.

Paul Dano's failure to nominate Sammy's father also sparked ire among fans. Although that category was a little less competitive than the Supporting Actor category, it's still worth assuming that Rogen continues to perform great roles.

Best Picture Award: The Batman

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever received five nominations, while The Batman received three nominations. However, many fans feel that one of them should have been for Best Picture.

The whole reason for the award to be expanded to ten nominees was to widen the avenue for films with a wider appeal. Both The Batman and Wakanda Forever were easily and arguably among the best films of the year, and while they were nominated in other categories, one of them should have been representative of the majority of individuals who didn't see some of the more esoteric films on the list.

Best Picture Award: RRR

RRR, directed by S. S. Rajamouli, was likely to have been mentioned in everyone's end-of-year lists for 2022. Despite widespread praise, the film has only received one nomination, for Best Picture. It also was not nominated for Best International Feature Film. It is an Indian Telugu film, so it should have been eligible for the category.

Is it true that the Academy does not like epic films? After all, none of the superhero films received Best Picture nominations. It's possible that not enough people at the Academy saw the film in the first place, but it doesn't rule this out as the worst snub this year.

NoPE for Best Sound

NOPE was one of the best films of the year, and one of the greatest horror films as well. It certainly should have been nominated for Best Picture, according to the Academy.

NOPE created suspense and intrigue in a way that no other film this year did. The creature in the film would not have been as horrifying if we did not have the sound that accompanied it. We are simply saying that NOPE deserves the award.

Best Director award goes to Joseph Kosinski.

Tom Cruise brought everyone back to the cinemas with the success of Top Gun: Maverick. Now, Tom isn't getting a nomination for Best Actor, but it was a sequel to a mediocre film at best, so why did Joseph Kosinski not get a nomination for Best Director?

It was one of the best films of the year, which can't be disputed because it is up for Best Picture. However, Kosinski's direction made everything possible. He paid enough attention to the original film but made your hair blow back in new ways that made the new film special.

Sarah Polley is the nominee for Best Director.

Multiple women were snubbed for Best Director this year after two years of female Best Directors. In particular, Sarah Polley was snubbed for Women Talking. After all, the majority of reviews for the film praised the direction.

She was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, and the film is up for Best Picture as well, but it would have been wonderful to see her in this category. Hopefully, the film will win one of the other categories to make up for it.

Leave the Company

This one came as a surprise, since Decision to Leave was not only not nominated in any other category, but it was also nominated in any other category as well. Most fans and commentators expected that Park Chan-wook's film would receive at least one nomination.

The Oldboy film had a fantastic cinematography and a compelling narrative, and it appears that the Academy dropped the ball on international films this year.

The Woman King has nominated Viola Davis for best actress.

Everything, Everywhere All At Once has received four separate acting nominations this year, but leading Black actors have been snubbed once more. As Nanisca in The Woman King, Viola Davis is easily the most overlooked.

Angela Bassett's performance as the hardened general was an outstanding one, likely due to her genre status. It's possible that the Woman King's sleeve had an impact on Davis' performance, with members opting to choose more experimental films instead.

Larkin Seiple for Best Cinematography

Everything Everywhere All At Once won 11 awards, all while being happy in one of the many categories it is up for. However, there is one major omission: Larkin Seiple should have been nominated for Best Cinematography, as it was one of the most interesting-looking films of the year.

When you think about the film, it is difficult to overlook some of the spectacular shots. Like the sequence where Evelyn and Joy are talking as rocks, or the scene where Evelyn and Joy are chatting as fast as you have seen them. All of this is due to the film's cinematography, making the Seiple omission a huge flop.

The Last Wish for Best Picture: Puss in Boots

One of the best films of the year, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, is up for Best Animated Film, but that isn't the case. With Toy Story 3, Beauty and the Beast, and Up, an animated film has only received a nomination three times.

The Last Wish, directed by Joel Crawford, was a look at legacy, anxiety, and fear, through the lens of animated film. With apologies to Guillermo del Toro, it might win the main award for Best Animated Film.


Any and all horror films have been left off the nomination list, as usual. Usually, lovers of the genre would dismiss this and go on with their day. But in 2022, some of the best horror films had some of the greatest performances.

We had The Menu, with Ralph Fiennes' performance of Chef Slowik, as well as the screenplay, both of which deserved a nomination. Should we even go so far as to claim that M3GAN received a nomination for Best Costume Design? Yes, yes. And last but not least, nothing came out for Mia Goth in Pearl.

We have to note that the donkey from The Banshees of Inisherin was not nominated and that there should be a Best Animal category, although Puss in Boots might have faced some stiff competition. Are there any actors or films that you wish to see be honored?

When the 95th Academy Awards air on ABC on March 12, 2023, you may catch it.