Rick and Morty: Who is it written by?

Rick and Morty: Who is it written by? ...

Now that Adult Swim has announced that Justin Roiland will no longer be involved in the show, it has been announced that season seven of the show is in the works and will continue without him.

Is Roiland's departure from Rick and Morty an issue for the writing staff? After all, it is his show and throughout each season, narrative arcs were being created. After all, the last season six episode 7 was teased that season seven would be about "hunting Rick Prime." Will the show lose its grip because one of the show's main writers is gone for good?

Rick and Morty: Who is it written by?

Roiland's departure is shocking, but he isn't the only writer for the program. According to IMDB, Rick and Morty has had over 15 staff writers throughout the show's runtime and over 30 other writers involved in the program. All of them come from different writing backgrounds, whether they be cartoons, adult entertainment, or comedy.

Dan Harmon, the show's co-creator, Eric Acosta, who worked on Star vs. The Forces of Evil, Wade Randolph, and former CollegeHumor writer Siobhan Thompson are just a few of the show's many talented writers. Even if Roiland's departure does affect the show in some way or form, it's still in good hands.

After season 7, viewers will notice a bit of a difference. Adult Swim has reassured fans that the network has a "talented and dedicated" team that's still able to produce more episodes. Fingers crossed that they're still able to offer the same level of comedy, drama, and wacky sci-fi adventures we all know and love.