The best of the X trilogy, according to Mia Goth, has yet to come

The best of the X trilogy, according to Mia Goth, has yet to come ...

Mia Goth, Ti West, and a duo of slashers may have sparked some of the Academy nominations in an alternate reality.

We'll have to wait for multiversal travel to happen, and we're more than happy with that. X, a seemingly simple slasher that concealed an infinitely valuable and essential commentary on desirability and age, was gifted to us by writer-director West, but to follow it almost immediately with the prequel Pearl, a character study horror that starred Goth's most compelling performance ever.

West and Goth intend to finish the trilogy with MaXXine, a sequel to X that continues the story of protagonist Maxine Minx following her tragic collision with Pearl and her husband Howard. According to Goth in a recent interview with Collider, MaXXine is the crown jewel of the X trilogy, offering greater stakes and a larger world than ever before.

Goth plays a special role as the X-future lead lady, voicing both Maxine and her antagonist Pearl in the first installment of the trilogy, while bringing a younger version of Pearl to life in the prequel with the same name. MaXXine will definitely reprise her role as Maxine.

Whatever West and Goth dish up, we'll certainly be ordering; if they can somehow outdo the previous two entries with MaXXine, the duo might very well end up solving movies as a whole.