All BTS web series, films, and documentaries are listed

All BTS web series, films, and documentaries are listed ...

BTS has released a lot of material over the years, far beyond what you would expect from a big corporation like BigHit Music, which at the time was a very small entity nearing bankruptcy, making promotion of the band difficult. The members started writing and releasing their own material, giving audiences an inside look at their work, personalities, and group dynamics.

The members of BTS began making more television show appearances, but this didn't solve all of their problems. RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and JungKook have stated time and again how they haven't always felt respected or comfortable in those appearances, while still enjoying the familiarity of creating their own web series.

BTS' YouTube channel, BANGTANTV, provides free access to vlogs, behind-the-scenes footage, awards shows, and other performances. Nevertheless, the group has released a large number of docuseries, concert films, and other web series on different platforms and in theaters, all of which new fans can find right here.

Channel BTS: Rookie King

This variety program spanned eight episodes that were broadcast between September and October of 2013. The recently debuted members of BTS joked around while mocking numerous TV shows and commercials, while revealing a bit of themselves along the way. Fans can see BTS' old dormitory, their everyday activities, and get to know the members' individual talents.

American Hustle Life on BTS

BTS spent time in America, learning to sing, dance, and rape with the assistance of American singers. While this was a great way to broaden their horizons, being in a foreign country with a huge language barrier can be scary, especially when not all of the experiences are positive.

On the South Korean TV show Mnet, this reality show ran eight episodes between July and September 2014, and is now available online.

Run BTS!

Everything goes in Run BTS!, since there isn't a strict concept; the only thing that matters is that the members of the BTS have fun, which in turn delights their viewers. From aerial yoga to escape rooms, combating zombies, and simply gaming, anything can be fun when done with a group of people. That's what BTS brings to the table.

This is without a doubt ARMY's favorite series, with over 150 episodes. The program used to be available on VLive, but it has now been moved to BTS' YouTube channel, where it may be viewed for free.


BTS GAYO was a K-pop variety series that ran from August 2015 to May 2017. Some of these included recreating famous K-drama scenes, doing karaoke, performing K-pop quizzes, or dancing to girl group songs. As one might expect, it was a very enjoyable show to watch, with appropriate punishments being given to the episode loser.

The show includes two seasons and a total of 15 episodes, all of which were released on VLive free of charge.

Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage is a reality series that lasts four seasons, in which BTS travels the globe, enjoying time together outside of work, and doing vacation activities. This is definitely on the top of ARMY's favorite web series, as they not only get to see the artists have fun, but also enjoy beautiful scenery.

BTS travels through Norway, Sweden, and Finland in its first season, which premiered in 2016, with viewers. In seasons two, three, and four, the chosen destinations were Hawaii, Malta, and New Zealand.

Stage is burned down.

Burn the Stage is a YouTube Red original series that marks BTS' first documentary work. The series follows the band as they travel the world performing songs from the Wings album for the better part of a year.

The series is a mixture of concert footage and interviews, giving insights into the members' thoughts during their biggest tour at the time. It was first released in 2018, and was later adapted and released in film format, titled Burn the Stage: The Movie.

In Seoul, you should love yourself.

BTS travels extensively and tries to get their performances to fans from all over the world, but it's impossible. With a concert film, however, fans can see the magic of their performance close-up, which is exactly the aim of Love Yourself in Seoul. In January 2019, ARMY from 102 countries gathered to see this film, which made a theatrical comeback due to a great deal of demand.

Bring the Soul with you

Bring the Soul was first released as a documentary film in August 2019. The footage, of course, is paired with recording of BTS' performances as well as backstage footage from the tour. Later that month, a nine-episode series of the same name was released, and it's still available for streaming on Weverse.

Break the Silence

This docu-series is a followup to Bring the Soul as it chronicles BTS' Love Yourself World Tour journey in Asia. The series was released in May 2020, and is now available for purchase on the Weverse Shop. In September of the same year, the series was transformed into a two-hour movie format with the subtitle Persona.

In the Soop, I'll betray you.

BTS had to give up Bon Voyage's international travels because to the spread of COVID-19, and thus, In the Soop was born. The show aired in 2020, and in 2022, it returned with a third season, although the latter only featured one member of BTS.

The TV show in South Korea was broadcast on JTBC, while overseas users were able to access it via Weverse. Currently, In the Soop is still available for streaming on the platform.

The Live of the Bang Bang Con

BTS' Map of the Soul Tour was canceled due to the epidemic, thus the band had to think differently. On June 14, 2020, the band held its first-ever online concert, performing songs from a variety of their albums, both new and old, and conversing with fans via a live chat.

The concert film was released a month later as a streaming event on BTS' Weverse platform.

Permission to Dance on Stage – Seoul: Live Performance

In March 2022, ARMY from around the world got to see a BTS concert live from the comfort of a theater room. The performance was also live-streamed in several venues around the world for those who couldn't attend the in-person event. Later, the footage was re-broadcast in the same theaters.

LA: Permission to Dance on Stage

Permission to Dance on Stage – LA is a concert film from the BTS members, who are presenting recent hits such as "Butter," "On," and "Permission to Dance" live on the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. The film was shot over four nights in 2021 and on September 8, 2022, it was available on Disney Plus.

BTS: The Cinematic Universe Is Not Yet Coming

BTS' Yet to Come concert in Busan, South Korea was the band's first free concert since their early days, and it was BTS' final group performance for the foreseeable future, as they now embark on solo projects and comply with South Korea's mandatory military obligation.

Starting February 1, the film will be released in selected cinemas across the world for a limited time.

J-hope in the Box

J-hope will be the first member of the BTS to receive a solo documentary, titled J-hope in the Box, which makes sense, given that he was also the first to debut solo after the band announced a break from group activities.

The film will be available for streaming on Disney Plus, detailing the musical process that inspired Jack in the Box, J-hope's first solo studio album, and a behind-the-scenes look at the rapper's debut performance at Lollapalooza.

Beyond the Star, BTS Monuments

BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star is an upcoming documentary series developed by HYBE and Disney Plus. It will feature footage from the group's 10-year journey to worldwide fame as a group and as solo artists, as well as previously untold tales about their hardships and struggles. The series will be available for streaming on Disney Plus.

While BTS' group activities are on hold, new fans have plenty of time to catch up on until they return to action. For the older ARMY, well, surely a rewatch or two will suffice.