Bruce Campbell admits that the Oscar nominations robbed Pizza Poppa

Bruce Campbell admits that the Oscar nominations robbed Pizza Poppa ...

Despite all the names left off the nomination list, the Academy Awards have had a slew of discussions. From Seth Rogen in The Fablemans to Batman's snubs, the academy's choices were not met with kindness. One particular name that was most clearly missing was Pizza Poppa.

Bruce Campbell was a famous food stall owner in Marvel's Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness, who was attempting to reclaim his money for his'stolen' pizza poppas. Needless to say, Campbell's fantastic performance took an even greater turn when the actor had to punch himself several times after being cast a spell that forced the seller to harm himself for three weeks in a row.

Although a humorous appearance by the legendary horror actor is a part of many mock MCU gags throughout the franchise, there are also many chuckles among fans, who just had to make up a joke or two about the situation.

Pizza Poppa had a deleted scene that was supposed to have been used as a post-credit scene in the film as Doctor Strange and America Chavez stroll around the streets of New York. This was also the topic of many comments stating the vitality of Campbell's role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Although the lack of nominations for this untouchable act is concerning, the Pizza Poppa will certainly never be forgotten for his service, and for many, he will always be the next Marvel villain in their hearts.