What does TikTok's dupe mean?

What does TikTok's dupe mean? ...

If you have opened the TikTok app and noticed an increase in videos of people holding up common items and saying something that might seem strange, congratulations! You have discovered a new TikTok trend.

The way trends pop up on one's For You page are no longer new, but this one can be particularly confusing for the uninitiated. The creators film themselves inside a store and present different items to the camera while saying things like "Balenciaga dupe" or "Apple dupe," usually with a drawn-out "oo" sound — think "doop."

It may seem obvious that the videos are doing something illegal, but what is the point? What is the definition of the "dupe/doop" trend, and what does it imply?

Understanding the current TikTok trend — 'dupe'

If you look up Dior lip oil on TikTok, the word "dupe" should be familiar. Creators usually use it to refer to a product that is almost identical to another. Many users make lists of possible dupes in order to make popular items more accessible to those on a budget.

Some dupes are almost indistinguishable from the original product, while others resemble it with a few minor tweaks. Dupes are found in everything from technology to food.

Users aren't seriously making recommendations in the context of the trend that began in January 2023. The new trend appears to be an inside joke gone viral that is quite different from the original use of "dupe." Most often, the comparison is made in a fashion store, but some users have begun filming "doop" videos in other locations.

Ask yourself these questions: how is the word pronounced when you're unsure whether or not the person who is promoting something is trying to be funny?

The "dupe/doop" trend is still alive and well with 2.4 billion views and counting, but dupes have been a part of the internet beauty community for years; we don't see this trend going to disband anytime soon. Even if the new trend isn't here to stay, we wish we could help you comprehend what "dupe" means.