Adult Swim fans aren't convinced that keeping Dan Harmon on the show is a good idea

Adult Swim fans aren't convinced that keeping Dan Harmon on the show is a good idea ...

The future of Rick and Morty is in jeopardy as Adult Swim parted ways with one problematic creator, yet maintains another.

Justin Roiland, an adult animated series, was a regular fixture before the program cut ties with the 42-year-old actor and writer. Roiland, who portrayed both Rick and Morty on the popular series—along with various side characters—is now out, but his co-creator remains committed to future seasons. Dan Harmon, however, is coming to light with his own problematic history.

Roiland's career had a major blow over the last few weeks when revelations about inappropriate interactions with various people, as well as domestic violence charges, emerged. He has since been removed from the Rick and Morty team as well as the Squanch Games, but Dan Harmon, Roiland's partner, remains.

If you ask the horde of Rick and Morty fans out there, this seems to be a bad move. Harmon's own troubling habits also surfaced during Roiland's removal, and—while less concerning remarks about minors have surfaced,—Harmon is no saint himself. After becoming obsessed with, and sexually harassed, one of his female writers

Many fans are begging for an entirely new Rick and Morty team, despite the fact that Roiland is leaving the project, and for Harmon to be removed from the team as well, as well as a new set of independent creatives.

Harmon should be removed from the Rick and Morty team, and possibly the upcoming Community film, on Twitter.

Harmon's conversation with Roiland is a bit more complicated than that of Roiland, largely due to a years-old apology. Megan Gaz, the writer in question, described Harmon's behavior as a "masterclass in how to apologize."

Fans of the 50-year-old sitcom aficionado are leaning on his 2018 apologies as proof that Harmon learned from his mistakes, but it's far from enough to persuade everyone. Pair this with frequent complaints about Harmon's apparent obscenity with incest, and quite a few Rick and Morty fans would be surprised to see him remove him from future seasons.

Harmon is expected to remain a fixture of Rick and Morty's creative team for the time being. The show has certainly never shyed away from incest before. Unless further allegations against Harmon emerge in the next few months, it seems likely that Harmon will remain.