This character is certain that he wont make it out of Scream VI alive

This character is certain that he wont make it out of Scream VI alive ...

When a Ghostface killing spree breaks out in New York City, Scream VI viewers are starting to sweat. Courteney Cox's Gale Weathers is the last legacy character standing.

Gale, like Sidney and Dewey, made her debut in 1996's Scream, initially introduced as something of an antagonist. She would often spy on the Woodsboro gang, manipulate certain situations, and excessively flirt with Dewey in order to be the first publication to leak the truth about the Ghostface killer, allowing her to settle down and retire from the money-grabbing publicist lifestyle.

@MyBloodyJudy, a user on Twitter, posted a grid of tweets featuring Courteney Cox's Gale, asking the question: "Do we think Gale is the equivalent of Scream 7?" The replies seemed to be short and sweet... for the most part.

Needless to say, many commenters agreed that Gale would not make it beyond Scream VI and would instead join her ex-husband in the afterlife.

If you don't laugh, you'll cry. Other worrisome parties were making light of the situation in order not to forget that Gale — most likely — will be killed in Scream VI. It wouldn't be the first time that the Scream franchise has misled us or given us false hope, and it won't be the last.

@MarkJCampbell chose to consider why Gale must die in order for the franchise to reach a satisfactory conclusion. Thus, Sidney might either be killed for good or be forced to surrender to the strain of unresolved trauma for the last hurrah.

If not now, when? Gale is bound to bite the dust someday, and as much as we don't want her to, it's apparent that her nine lives are on the line.