The Jung_E conclusion is explained. Is there a post-credits scene in Jung_E?

The Jung_E conclusion is explained. Is there a post-credits scene in Jung_E? ...

Jung_E. Spoilers may be included in the following article.

Yeon Sang-ho's previous films include Train to Busan, The King of Pigs, and Seoul Station. The film, which will be available on Netflix on January 20, 2023, includes everything that science fiction lovers would want to see, including robots, artificial intelligence, and a space battle.

The Adrian Republic was established after humans went to space after the Earth was ravaged by climate change. However, three shelters joined forces to fight the other 75 or so, attacking Earth in the process. This sparked the decades-long conflict between the Allied Force and the three shelters that made up The Adrian Republic.

You might have come across the film while looking for something to watch, or noticed it on Netflix's top ten list. You may be wondering exactly what happened at the end of Jung_E or planning to check out the credits to see if there is anything at the end of the film. Allow us to simplify your worries and help you understand what happened at the end of Jung_E.

What happens at the end of Jung_E?

Yun Jung-yi (Kim Hyun-joo) is seen dying in action. Her brain is reconstructed from her body and inserted into robots, creating a militaristic artificial intelligence. Her father signed off on her brain being used for the procedure in exchange for remuneration, which covered their living expenses as well as her daughter's medical expenses.

The AI was put through a series of tests to simulate a complete run of her original mission, but each simulation failed. Jung-yi, now known as JUNG_E, is led by her own daughter, Dr. Yun Seo-hyun (Kang Soo-yeon), who is 35 years old. She is told that her mother could have ended the conflict years ago, but her body will be transformed into something commercially viable.

After being shot in the leg, JUNG_E comes close to defeating the mission. Kim Sang-Hoon (Ryu Kyung-soo) becomes irritated after failing to discover why she was close to defeating the mission. Sadly, the team has not had much time left.

Kim Sang-Hoon is the first AI created by the Chairman, based on her youthful self. On top of that, Seo-hyun discovers that she has an incurable tumor and only has three months to live. The doctor informs her of the various brain cloning choices available to her, making it clear that Kronoid can do whatever they want with her appearance.

The team starts to analyze what triggered JUNG_E's brain to function in a way that would allow her to succeed. Unfortunately, Dr. Seo-hyun discovers JUNG_E in the room of one of the researchers, and she realizes that her mother is being transformed into a line of sex dolls. Devastated, she manages to get some alone time with the AI and confesses that she has been tortured and needs to escape.

When Seo-hyun asks her daughter if she survived the operation, she still remembers the date of the mission 35 years earlier. JUNG_E accidentally reveals how Jung-yi died, stating that she was distracted because she lost it.

Seo-hyun shuts down JUNG_E and plans their escape. During a routine training simulation, the AI fakes being shot by the robots, so that when she is shut down again, she may take out the researchers and flee with Seo-hyun. Eventually, the pair make their way to a train that they can use to escape after she placed her mother's AI brain into a blank robot that does not have her appearance.

Kim Sang-Hoon is unfortunate, as he is not one to take failure lightly. While on the train car, he threatens to shoot Seo-hyun if JUNG_E does not return to the facility. That is when she reveals that she erased all of the AI's thoughts of her daughter, allowing her to be free of the emotions that kept her from finishing her final task.

Sang-Hoon is now showing tremendous strength that he had previously. That is until he falls to her death. The movie concludes with Seo-hyun telling the AI to leave her to die, knowing that she would have died within months anyway.

Jung_E, now in her robotic form, looks out over some barren green mountains in the last shot. There are no additional stingers or scenes at the end of the credits. You may always watch them to pay respects to the people who made Jung_E, especially Kang Soo-youn, who died before the film was released.

Jung_E concludes the film by examining the use of robotics and artificial intelligence in war, and how futile that might be. It was also an example of how humanity is what separates us from them — she cared for her daughter, as it was evident from her actions when she was alive, and unfortunately became the reason she died.

Jung_E is currently streaming on Netflix.