Persona 4 Golden: How to Check Social Statistics

Persona 4 Golden: How to Check Social Statistics ...

People are often very keen on how their social stats are performing in Persona 4 Golden, since opportunities to increase them aren't as plentiful as in the other games in the series. Here's how to check your social stats in Persona 4 Golden.

Persona 4 Golden: How do you see your social stats?

All you need to do is click Status on your menu to see Yu's profile. Then, choose Switch Info. All social stats must be rated at Rank five.

Persona 4 Golden: How do you improve your social stats?

Social stats may be increased in many ways in the game, such as studying (Knowledge), folding Origami (Understanding), and preparing leftovers in your fridge (Courage). Below is a table that includes all activities that may increase each stat:

Social statActivities that increase it
Courage- Eating the occasional weird thing in your fridge (do it last, as Yu will pass out for the rest of the day after he does) - Working at the hospital - Taking long rides with your scooter
Diligence- Playing your chosen sport (basketball or soccer) after school - Folding envelopes in your room - Working at the bar part-time - Playing with the cat outside your home at night (when Dojima isn’t around)
Understanding- Attending Band practice (if you didn’t choose Drama) - Folding Origami
Expression- Working as a translator and, later on, a tutor - Answering some questions correctly in class - Attending Drama Club (if you didn’t choose Band)
Knowledge- Studying - Answering some questions correctly in class

On Rainy Days, you may dine at Aiya's and take part in the Mega Beef Bowl challenge; failing it will increase three of these four stats randomly. Also lookout for books that can improve one of the five above.

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