Genshin Impact Locations for All A Thousand Nights (I) Torn Page Locations

Genshin Impact Locations for All A Thousand Nights (I) Torn Page Locations ...

Nahida from Genshin Impact has almost confirmed that the fairy tales told throughout Teyvat are of greater significance than we believe. We can assist you in finding all of the torn pages from the four-star A Thousand Nights book series.

Where Can I Find All A Thousand Nights (I) Torn Pages in Genshin Impact?

The ten pages listed below are all scattered throughout Sumeru's Desert of Hadramaveth region. You will need to complete the Dirge of Bilqis World Quest before you begin looking for the pages. You will also need to complete some optional puzzles on your way to collect all ten of these pages.

The torn page should be resting on the pillar pictured above. If you have already completed the quest but haven't found the page, teleport to the underground way point you'll find on your way.

This torn page is incredibly easy to find and above ground, and there are no difficult puzzles to solve to find it. You can either use the north or east waypoint and walk to it.

This page is laying on the top of a wooden crate on scaffolding. You'll have to defeat a few enemies in the area before you can claim it.

The fourth page will require some puzzle solving. Wind your way around invisible walls to cast an Anemo on four elemental pillars in the area. Two of the pillars are hidden above the crumbling wall pictured. You'll be able to loot a Precious Chest, and on the floor nearby the chest will be your fourth torn page.

The fifth page is hidden high up on a far north ridge in the middle of three electro crystals; we recommend approaching the area from the west, because trying to reach it from the east will frequently prompt Paimon's famous "we should explore the area in front of us later."

This torn page may be easily found near a tent in an Eremite camp. Defeat the enemies to claim your page.

On the western edge of the desert, the last four torn pages are all found around this puzzle. Four-Leaf Sigils will appear that you may use to quickly reach an Elite Elemental Eremite Enemy. For example, you'll find a Dendro Pillar at the location the Dendro Pillar leads to. Loot the wooden chest each unlocks.

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