How to Get Nuggets in Forspoken

How to Get Nuggets in Forspoken ...

Frey and Cuff will need to collect many different items in order to obtain more powerful upgrades for their gear around Athia. One of the most useful items are Nuggets, though they can be difficult to obtain. It is worthwhile, especially later in the game.

In Forspoken, Where Can I Find Nuggets?

Cheques scattered throughout the landscape can hold Nuggets and other high-value crafting materials. These chests can be difficult to find and, sometimes, require players to use traversal skills to reach them. This is the easiest method to secure Nuggets in the game, and establishing enough chests worldwide will eventually give players ample Nuggets to their liking.

In Forspoken, how do you find chests?

The in-game map allows players to see the exact location of the chests much easier. Use Cuff's scanning capabilities to locate nearby items and chests when you are close enough.

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