Genshin Impact's All A Thousand Nights (II) Torn Page locations

Genshin Impact's All A Thousand Nights (II) Torn Page locations ...

A Thousand Nights (II) is a collection of books from Genshin Impact's Desert of Hadramaveth. Unfortunately, you'll have to find ten torn pages of each book to complete them. Here's where you'll find all ten torn pages of each book to complete A Thousand Nights (II) in Genshin Impact.

Where can I find all A Thousand Nights (II) Torn Pages in Genshin Impact?

The three torn pages from A Thousand Nights (II) are easily found in the overworld, none are underground. You will have to pass through the Dirge of Bilqis World Quest line, the Falcon World Quest line, and the Apocalypse Lost World Quest to reveal the third torn page on our list.

This one is conveniently placed right next to a teleport waypoint. Use it rather than climb to the edge of the dune to find your first torn page.

The second page you're looking for is on the top of another dune. This one overlooks an Eremite camp on your right.

Remember, you'll need a fully upgraded jinni to uncover this hidden page. Go inside the buried room marked on the map above with a Jinn Branch inside. If you walk towards the back corner of the room, you'll discover a false wall and a second room. Inside the room you'll find your torn page.

Follow the path from the third torn page east a few paces. The fourth page will be resting near an Eremite tent.

This page is located in the north east corner of the desert. Look for it near the crumbling structures shown above.

Your sixth page should be resting on the shattered wagon pictured above in the lower western section of the Tanit Camps.

This torn page is laying on the top of a pile of rubble in the northwestern corner of the board once you've revealed the chess board in Safhe Shatranj.

This devastated page is laying nearby the feet of a ruin guard. Don't worry, he won't wake up when you get close to collect it.

Inside the canyon at Wadi Al-Majuj, your last pages are next to each other. Page nine is located near the top of the statue in the north west corner of the canyon. you may use the four-leaf sigil to reach it easily.

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