Fire Emblem Engage's Best Weapons, ranked

Fire Emblem Engage's Best Weapons, ranked ...

The majority of the powerful weapons in Fire Emblem Engage are wielded by the Emblems. There are some ordinary buyable weapons that can have just as much impact on gameplay, though. It can be tricky to get Emblems across all of a player's units, so a smart player should always know what the best ordinary weapons are for units that don't have Emblems.

Which Fire Emblem Engage Weapons are the best?

All Fire Emblem games, including Fire Emblem Engage, reward players for using range to their advantage. This is why the Javelin is one of the finest early game tools. Mages, enemies hidden behind walls, and other fast characters may use Javelins to double and potentially KO them.

When the Sigurd Emblem becomes usable in Chapter 4 of Fire Emblem Engage, players should keep in mind that they may purchase a Ridersbane in the Somniel at any time. The Ridersbane is normally used for effective damage against Cavalry.

Most weapon types have a "killer" weapon that has a high Crit rate. Sword users are so apprehensive in Fire Emblem Engage that they avoid incoming assaults and respond with critical blows, thus avoiding kills.

The Spear is the Javelin's weaker, larger brother. With 12 Might, it's one of the game's strongest 1-2 range weapons. Spears are also much more accurate than Tomahawks, which are 1-2 range Axes.

The majority of Bows are useful because they can counterattack melee units without counterattack. What about opposing Bow users, though? The Longbow becomes a powerful weapon against range threats with its 2-3 range. As a result, characters like Etie and Alcryst stay super-safe.

Thoron is essentially the Longbow's magic form. At 18 Might, Thoron can also out-damage the Longbow quite easily. In the hands of Celine or Citrinne, Thoron can be the most powerful chip damage tool.

In Fire Emblem Engage, Robin's favorite sword from Fire Emblem Awakening makes a spectacular comeback. Magic users can progress into the Mage Knight class, which is proficient in Magic and Swords. Therefore, they can use the Levin Sword's 13 Might almost immediately.

Meteor is a magical spell that has a great range (3-7 spaces). Normally, this spell is balanced out by having very little use. In Fire emblem Engage, though, weapon durability does not exist. Players may stay in spawn and fire as many Meteors as they desire.

Brave weapons in general are always useful, since they always attack twice. The downside to these are that they have low Might, making the Brave Axe particularly valuable as Axes have higher Might in general. This weapon is great for characters like Jade and Panette who have trouble double attacking without assistance.

The Radiant Bow is a 19 Might magic based Bow that is difficult to miss. Sniper is a good example of a Magic based character.

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