In Forspoken, How to Healing

In Forspoken, How to Healing ...

Forspoken is a role-playing game that requires players to be aware of. Depending on the severity of the attack, the health bar depletes to some extent as your character takes damage while fighting enemies. Unsurprisingly, there are some methods to refilling your health bar.

In Forspoken Ways to Restore Your Health

The Healing Draught item is a potion that can be found inside chests and even on random objects throughout your path. To restore your health, simply press the Use Healing Item interact button depending on your input device: The default inputs for healing are:

  • Keyboard: C
  • PlayStation and Xbox Controllers: Down on the D-Pad

In Forspoken, all the ways to heal

There are only a few methods to heal during the early gameplay hours of Forspoken.

  • Healing Draught: As mentioned previously, this is an item you find as loot in the open world and can carry with you at all times. You can also craft them at the crafting table using Balm Flax. This item can be used mid-combat, be it while fighting the Dragon or the Chapalania.
  • Resting: Resting on the bed at your secure hideouts also replenishes your health bar. Use this method to heal for free whenever possible, so you don't have to spend Healing Draughts.
  • Setting Up Camp: You can set up camp anywhere you want using Firewood to restore health. This item can be found as random loot across Athia.

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