For the Lunar New Year, Resident Evil will return to Dead by Daylight

For the Lunar New Year, Resident Evil will return to Dead by Daylight ...

In Dead by Daylight, the Resident Evil survivors and monsters are returning into the Entity's realm. The Fog is always looking for new victims in all sorts of attire. What's interesting is how and when the skins were revealed.

What are the new Resident Evil skins for Dead by Daylight?

Three new Resident Evil skins were shown in a video published on YouTube by developer Behaviour Interactive. Ada Wong is simply stunning in her iconic red dress from Resident Evil: Revelations. Jill Valentine's tactical swimwear from Resident Evil: Revelations. Finally, a new killer takes the stage with the Blight's new skin, William Birkin from Resident Evil 2.

Resident Evil isn't the first or second time that Dead by Daylight has crossed over with Dead by Daylight. The Resident Evil Chapter was released on June 15, 2021, and included Leon S. Kennedy, Jill Valentine, and the Nemesis in the fog as alternate skins. Claire and Chris Redfield also included in the Resident Evil chapter.

Project W continues to make a comeback, including a new victim named Albert Wesker and two new survivors with Rebecca Chambers and Ada Wong. Kennedy, Valentine, Feng Min, and Felix Richter were all skins for Behaviour Interactive. Finally, the fearsome Hunk became a skin for Legion.

As part of the Lunar New Year's Moonlight Burrow event, more Resident Evil is always welcomed, but it's odd to see it as part of an ongoing story. There were no announcements made prior, no teases released, just nothing.

I'd rather be grateful that Resident Evil is getting more fantastic skins and more overall content in the asymmetric horror title? Do you think the third Resident Evil entry should have its chapter? Do you want to know more about the sexiest killers from Dead by Daylight?

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