In Forspoken Way, How to Defeat the Dragon

In Forspoken Way, How to Defeat the Dragon ...

After defeating the Chapalania, you'll have your first major boss fight in Forspoken. The Dragon is described as a "black serpent seen darkening the skies all over Athia." Here's a quick guide on whether or not you can defeat the Dragon.

Can you defeat the Dragon for the first time in Forspoken?

When the Dragon appears out of nowhere, you're left with no choice but to attack it in the enclosed arena. It's quite simple to defeat it, provided you keep moving swiftly and try to attack it where it is vulnerable, i.e., its burning chest. You may also combine both abilities to activate the Surge Magic (LT + RT).

After a while, the Dragon will begin to use its fire breath, which you can dodge by standing behind a wall or running around in circles using the Magic Parkour (B + Left-stick). Once you have exhausted the Dragon's health bar to zero, a cutscene will occur, and you'll leave it behind.

The Forspoken storyline is far from over. As you turn around the wall as directed, the Dragon will reappears out of nowhere and be ready for combat. This time the creature will fight you with even more powerful abilities and magic of his. Interestingly, you'll go through a cutscene where the beast carries you, and you eventually reach Cipal.

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