Riot Games confirms a cyberattack; two massive games have been impacted

Riot Games confirms a cyberattack; two massive games have been impacted ...

Riot Games announced on Twitter that several systems had been damaged as a result of a social engineering assault on a business. For example, an individual might disguise themselves as a delivery driver or janitor to infiltrate a company without being noticed. On January 24, they published a Twitter update that confirmed the facts.

Riot Games disclosed that the perpetrators obtained source code for League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and a legacy anti-cheat platform. Despite this, the team claims that it will not pay the ransom. In full honesty, Riot Games states that it may permit the creation of new cheats.

Riot Games claims that the exfiltrated source code contains experimental capabilities, such as game modes, and other modifications to League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics. In response to this massive security breach, the developers have alerted authorities and are working with several consultants to ensure that nothing happens again.

The most refreshing part of this update is towards the end, when Riot Games promises to release a complete report "detailing the attackers' methods," as well as revealing "where Riot's security controls failed." This upcoming report is an admirable example of transparency in a game development environment where players often feel out of the loop about game development.

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