The last Final Fantasy XIV housing lottery MESSY went viral

The last Final Fantasy XIV housing lottery MESSY went viral ...

Many people were dissatisfied with the previous system and are still battling with the even more unpredictable nature of the new housing lottery, which concluded on January 21. However, the most recent housing lottery, which concluded on January 21, became especially messy, as would-be homeowners increased the pettiness to 11.

From word-of-mouth stories about people mass-reporting people who bid on houses to full-on examples of post-win gloating, FFXIV's usually great community was decidedly toxic over the testy topic of this lottery. The most famous tweet from this cycle? A new homeowner bought a large house just to spite a Free Company that threatened them.

In this housing lottery, there was a significant increase in petty revenge, with a half dozen stories about people doing things like mass reporting people who bid on houses, buying houses just to spite people, writing passive-aggressive stuff in housing descriptions, and just generally crazy stuff going on.

The Final Fantasy XIV Reddit was filled with a slew of petty retaliation, stories of FC members harassing potential bidders, and other drama surrounding houses. However, moderators removed many of the offending posts in a purge over the last few days, leaving just tweets to prove they were there. Posts such as screenshots of alleged mass reports were removed to keep the discussion civil.

The reason for this is largely because the random lottery has resolved the initial hurdle to getting a house, but not the actual issues. For example, Free Companies take over whole housing wards. They may also move at will to secure additional houses.

There isn't anything stopping players from forming multiple Free Companies with the same names and relocating to different locations. The only way to prevent this sort of exploitation would be direct moderation, which Square Enix is clearly not looking to enforce.

The recent addition of new wards and a new system have only partially alleviated the housing issue in Final Fantasy XIV. Greedy players will always exploit the system, and even a brand-new Island Sanctuary and new content options have resulted in permanent bans on many players from using one of FFXIV's most divisive features.

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