Is Destiny 2 still alive? How to Check the Status of the D2 Server

Is Destiny 2 still alive? How to Check the Status of the D2 Server ...

Destiny 2 is no stranger to interruptions due to its live-service nature. Sometimes this is for routine maintenance (which typically occurs on Tuesdays), but other times it's unexpected. If Guardians are certain it's not their internet or local network at play, then it's time to check with Bungie and see if it's working.

How to Check If Destiny 2 Servers Are Down

Three tried-and-true sources will assist you in determining the status of your Destiny 2 server and, hopefully, when to restart:

Always check the Bungie Help Twitter page first. Scrolling through Bungie's feed will help you determine if or not the Destiny 2 servers are down. This page is extremely helpful at providing immediate service updates, which will save you time instead of trying to login again when the servers are down.

If you require more information on the Destiny Companion app due to a lack of updates, please go to the official Bungie help website. Often Destiny 2 service maintenance is scheduled in advance and announced via the TWAB, so you can avoid future disappointment by planning ahead.

Downdetector is a trustworthy source to monitor the Destiny 2 server status when all else fails. It's also a great resource to check out outages on most online services, like Instagram, Xbox Live, and Discord.

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