In Forspoken, how do you refill your Surge Magic?

In Forspoken, how do you refill your Surge Magic? ...

Forspoken has a unique, advanced combat technique that players can use to defeat opponents. While you may attack with Attack Magic (RT) or Support Magic (LT), there is a way to combine both to strike massive blows to the enemies. This article will show you how to use Surge Magic to defeat dragon-type bosses.

How to Refill Surge Magic in Forspoken

Surge Magic has a cooldown and can only be replenished when you deal damage to the opponents you're fighting, which can be done with Attack Magic and Support Magic. The more damage you deal, the quicker the Surge Magic becomes available to use. When the top circle on the weapon icon turns yellow (see image), the ultimate ability will be ready for use.

In Forspoken, how does Surge Magic work?

Genesis is a form of Surge Magic used by Forspoken players. This magic summons vines that are shot in front of you, causing damage and stuning several enemies within your reach. The longer you hold the Surge Magic input, the more vines protrude, but only within the limit.

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