When using Shield Shot in Forspoken, how do you get into enemies?

When using Shield Shot in Forspoken, how do you get into enemies? ...

Forspoken offers a number of different magic spells that players may use during combat. One of the Attack Magic spells, Shield Shot, provides a defensive shield that protects you from any approaching attacks. You may also use this shield to slay enemies.

In Forspoken, how do you get to avoid enemies using the Shield Shot?

Forspoken spellcraft challenges include barging into enemies with Shield Shot Lv. 3 spells. Firstly, you need to have the Shield Shot Lv. 3 spell unlocked in Frey's Magic skill tree. This will cost you 39 Mana to get Shield Shot Lv. 2 and 112 for Shield Shot Lvl. 3.

Second, have it equipped as your Attack Magic, which may be done from the spell selection wheel (RB). Then you need to make a rock shield by holding down the Attack Magic input (RT). Depending on your spell level, the words indicate this underneath the spell.

Simply press the button you have been holding to barge into enemies in close proximity. In my experience, but really up close and personal with them. The shield will absorb the damage and keep you intact, and if done close enough, it will count toward your spellcrafting challenge.

The Shield Shot is a great spell to use against fast-paced, aggressive opponents. It would have been fantastic against the Dragon you encountered at the start of the game!

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