Slap Battles Roblox: How to Get the Really? badge

Slap Battles Roblox: How to Get the Really? badge ...

Slap Battles is a player vs. player game that involves using a wide range of gloves to destroy and smash the mess out of everyone in your way! Along the way, you may earn a few badges, some of which are considered ultra secret!

In Slap Battles, how do you get the really? badge?

Before we begin, it's important to mention that the Diamond Glove must be unlocked and equipped. This glove can be purchased for 45 slaps.

Walk through the red portal at spawn to be teleported to the Normal Arena with the Diamond Glove equipped.

Tap E to activate your glove's special ability once inside the arena. When you do so, your Robloxian will turn into a rock.

You must remain a rock for 15 minutes straight without dying to earn the really? badge. That's all there is to it! If, after earning this badge, you'd like to try another amazing challenge, you can stay a rock for ten hours(!) and earn the WHY badge!

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