How to Get Wild Musk in Forspoken

How to Get Wild Musk in Forspoken ...

Players in Forspoken are allowed to collect various resources from all around Athia, some of which are extremely useful for upgrading equipment and crafting. Wild Musk is one such material, and players must know how to obtain it in Forspoken.

Where can I find Wild Musk in Forspoken?

Wild Musk is an essential item in Forspoken as it is required for crafting and upgrading equipment in the game. It is usually found in chests and in some Labyrinths. We recommend finding more chests while exploring Athia to maximize the chances of getting this material. Use the Cuff-Scanning ability to locate enemies, chests, and other important items nearby.

Wild Musk was also discovered in a chest at The Blessed Plains, which is located South of the Fountain of Blessing. This area is best to get this chest after Xenos Guild. Once you have collected enough Wild Musk, players may begin upgrading their equipment.

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