How to Get Feathers in Forspoken

How to Get Feathers in Forspoken ...

Your character in Forspoken has special abilities that she uses to defeat enemies and progress through the mission. These abilities may be enhanced by crafting various useful gear using specific resources such as Feather, Grainstone, Diurnite, etc. Here's a guide on how to acquire Feathers in the game.

Where Can I Find Feather in Forspoken?

Feathers are a rare commodity that can only be discovered in Athia treasure chests. This item can be used at the crafting table to increase material pouch capacity so that you can carry more items with you throughout the forspoken chapters. Below are some of the chests containing a Feather that you may find early in the game:

Soon after leaving Cipal's city, you may find this treasure chest on the other side of The Fallen Temple. Treasure chests are marked with a blue dot on the map, so you will not have any difficulties finding them.

As you enter the Dead Man's Ledge area, you'll encounter a gigantic reindeer guarding a chest. You may also choose to ignore its threats, grab the Feather, and leave. This chest is also adjacent to the Eastern Cipal Refugee where you may rest.

On the top floor of the tower, you'll discover a treasure chest for Chapter 3, which involves retrieving a journal from the Xenos Guild. Open it to receive and add a Feather to your inventory.

After leaving Cipal with the objective of killing Tanta Sila, you'll find another safehouse, the Blessed Plains Refuge. Outside the establishment, there is a chest containing a Feather guarded by a zombie.

In the Blessed Plains region, a monstrous giant guards the next Feather chest. You may either fight it or loot it swiftly and leave the area for good.

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