Which route should you take to get to Silas Castle in Forspoken?

Which route should you take to get to Silas Castle in Forspoken? ...

Forspoken's boss fights are often amazing and frequent, depending on your gameplay strategy. Players get to see a giant dragon in the first hour of the game, but this is just a glimpse of what's to come in the future in the game. In Chapter 4, Frey sets out on a mission to kill Tanta Sila, who is trapped inside her castle.

In Forspoken Praenost Castle, the best entrance

The entrance to Sila's Praenost Castle Town appears after defeating Sila's minions. Upon entering the abandoned town, Frey tries to devise a strategy on how to get into Sila's Praenost Castle.

If you go to the castle gate, you'll encounter a group of minions and a Recreant Knight. After defeating these enemies, you'll discover that the door is locked and the only other option is to go up via the vertical pathway. Nonetheless, killing the castle gate Recreant Knight rewards you with a Fervid Garland.

As you approach the hilltop castle, you'll see a number of Sila's minions who'll also throw fireballs at you. You can either dodge them or just run past them if in a hurry. At the very top, you'll need to dodge a Recreant Knight and some shielded guards because you'll need them later when you fight Tanta Sila.

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