Vector Fission Codes (January 2023)

Vector Fission Codes (January 2023) ...

As you level up and try to become the strongest defender Roblox has ever seen, you're under attack! Vector Fission is a Roblox tower defense game where you place ever stronger defenders along the path to your tower to fend off ever more powerful attackers.

Vector Fission codes may offer you free rewards, such as experience points and Omni Contracts. Experience points help you strengthen your character, giving you more cash rewards as you defeat enemies attacking your tower. Omni Contracts allow you to hire additional troops to defend your tower.

All Vector Fission Codes List

These are all the current Vector Fission codes.

  • 500k—Redeem for 500XP and an Omni Contract (New)
  • 100k—Redeem for 500XP (New)
  • NewMenu—Redeem for an Omni Contract (New)
  • Exploration—Redeem for 250XP (New)

These are expired codes for Vector Fission.

  • 10K—Code has expired

Vector Fission: How to Redeem Codes

Vector Fission codes may be used as follows.

What are the methods to obtain more Vector Fission codes?

Are you looking for more Vector Fission codes? Start out at the Oxidium Studios Roblox Group. You may also become a member of the Oxidium Studios Discord Channel, which has dedicated Announcements and Update Log channels.

If you've entered one of our Vector Fission codes and it hasn't worked, take a look at it to see if you missed a capital letter or have a number mistaken for a letter. A typo can make a Roblox code invalid, and we recommend you to copy and paste them directly from Pro Game Guides. Otherwise, your code might be expired.

Vector Fission: How to Use Omni Contracts

A great free incentive for Vector Fission codes is a Clear Omni Contract. These are very rare contracts, giving you access to almost all of the games' contracts. Make sure you have a good selection of non-Glory units before you choose. Very powerful units will require a lot of money to bring into combat, so you'll need units such as Curiosity to bring in a Cleaner.

What is Vector Fission?

Vector Fission is a traditional tower defense game that has been brought to life by Roblox. It's possible to customize your troops as you defend against oncoming enemies by spending money you earn. However, as you progress, new troop types and upgrades become available.

If you're looking for other games codes, we have a ton of them in our Roblox Game Codes post! You can also get a lot of free stuff via our Roblox Promo Codes page. In the meantime, check out the latest news.