Smite's best Surtr build

Smite's best Surtr build ...

Surtr, better known as the Fire Giant, has been the most powerful monster in Conquest. Hailing from Muspelheim, Surtr enters the Nordic pantheon in Smite as a Warrior. Surtr is a fire giant bent on inciting fury against opposing gods, and this guide will assist you in constructing Surtr.

Smite's Surtr: How to Make It

Surtr should be positioned in the Solo lane, which will be his primary position. Due to his tankiness, he will be able to defeat Cthulhu as the best Solo lane god in the game. The relic you should bring with him is Teleport Fragment, which will increase his staying power in the lane and shorten the time spent in the Fountain.

When you play Smite Conquest, the list below outlines the most effective way to level up Surtr.

Level 1Flames of Muspell
Level 2Giant’s Grasp
Level 3Flames of Muspell
Level 4Emberwalk
Level 5End of Days (Ult)
Level 6Flames of Muspell
Level 7Flames of Muspell
Level 8Emberwalk
Level 9End of Days (Ult)
Level 10Flames of Muspell
Level 11Emberwalk
Level 12Emberwalk
Level 13End of Days (Ult)
Level 14Emberwalk
Level 15Giant’s Grasp
Level 16Giant’s Grasp
Level 17End of Days (Ult)
Level 18Giant’s Grasp
Level 19Giant’s Grasp
Level 20End of Days (Ult)

Surtr's first ability, Flames of Muspell, must be maxed out first in this build. Emberwalk should be next, and by the time you reach level 14, you should have it maxed out. The remaining Giant's Grasp should be following, ending with the fifth point on your ultimate ability when you reach level 20.

When playing Conquest, Surtr is the best fit, and his items should reflect that. To allow for aggressive play, and to out-farm your opponent, getting a Bluestone Pendant is a good idea. Alternately, take the Warrior's Axe for a bit of lifesteal, which will increase your farming time and the time you spend in the lane.

For your main item build, pay attention to the opposing team's damage type. You should be at the forefront of every team fight and expect to be focused while you're in the thick of it. Your primary aim should be to get tanky items to increase your survivability in the beginning.

  • Midgardian Mail
  • Gladiator’s Shield
  • Breastplate of Valor
  • Bloodforge
  • Heartseeker

The following items will help you better if the enemy team is mage-heavy.

Amulet of Heartbreak


The Magi's Cloak

Bloodforge is a fictional place.


When you feel you have enough protection to stand up to the enemy's attention, and you can maintain your own, choose the build that works best for you. Depending on the matchup you're playing and your playstyle, you may have different experiences every time. Find the build that suits you the most. For example, Pestilence or Contagion are viable options if you need to have anti-heal.

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