Date & Content Speculation for Disney Dreamlight Valley Update 2023

Date & Content Speculation for Disney Dreamlight Valley Update 2023 ...

Fans have already begun to crave new Disney characters as a result of the Early Access portion of Disney Dreamlight Valley. When can you anticipate new ones appearing in the Valley or expanding new areas? Read on to find out.

Is there a release date for Disney Dreamlight Valley?

On Gameloft's Official Twitter account, a new Disney Dreamlight Valley roadmap for the first half of 2023 has been released. While it gives an overview of what we may expect, it does not provide any specific information. However, it does give us some clues.

Speculation of a Disney Dreamlight Valley 2023 update

Update Three's Star Path, as shown in the roadmap, will break the holiday convention and focus on Disney's 100th anniversary. It will also likely unlock a new story quest to restore the pillar resting in the Frosted Heights Biome. Also, If the "special snowman" we're supposed to meet isn't Olaf, we're shocked.

Update Four will be released sometime in April and will include a new Realm, most likely a Lion King-themed Realm. Simba is not shown on the roadmap, although several characters have been found in other realms in this update.

The fifth Update has been scheduled for sometime in the early summer. This update seems to be centered around the Forgotten Lands Biome. Perhaps we will get a new story quest to restore the pillar there. A princess is mentioned, and the Pumpkin House is shown, so Cinderella may make her entrance into the Valley as well.

What are the days of the week when Disney Dreamlight Valley is last updated?

If past changes are anything to go by, the game should update around one to two weeks after the most recent star path ends. The most recent Star Path, the Festive Star Path, is scheduled to end on January 26th, 2023. The only thing that has been officially confirmed is that Update Three will be released in February.

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