Genshin Impact's All A Thousand Nights (IV) Torn Page Locations

Genshin Impact's All A Thousand Nights (IV) Torn Page Locations ...

The Genshin Impact fairy tales probably contain more information than initially assumed. The A Thousand and One Nights book series has several chapters and stories, and it is likely a nod to One Thousand and One Nights. If you want to read Genshin's stories, you'll need to collect ten torn pages for each chapter. Here's where to find all ten pages for A Thousand Nights (IV) in Genshin Impact.

Where can I find all A Thousand Nights (IV) Torn Page locations in Genshin Impact?

In the eastern portion of the Hypostyle Desert, the ten torn pages for A Thousand Nights (IV) are all located on the sands, above ground. You will not necessarily need to have completed the World Quests in this area, particularly the Golden Slumber quest line, but we strongly recommend that you do.

The quest for the ten torn pages starts in the southern part of the Hypostyle desert, in the Land of Upper Setekh. This first page is laying on the corner of the wooden crate shown above. You'll need to defeat a few fatui members to retrieve it.

Use the teleport waypoint nearest you to get to this location, rather than underground, further away. The page you are looking for is located on the corner of this wooden crate. It will be guarded by a few Eremite enemies.

This ruined page is not on the ridge above you; simply use the teleport port nearby to enter the Eremite camp featured in the main story. The eremites here are NPC's, not enemies. A little beyond the gate, you'll see the page on the wooden crate as seen above.

The fourth torn page is in a different Fatui camp farther north. The wooden crate you're looking for is located in the northwestern corner of the camp.

The fifth stop will be awash with exploding barrels and a few Treasure Hoarders. You may also wish to light the four elemental pillars nearby, which will reward you with an Exquisite Chest.

The sixth page is located in a smaller Eremite camp nearby Caravan Ribat. Defeat the enemies and collect your prize.

The seventh page is on the surface, but lower than most pages are. Its location is adjacent to the sink whole where you first meet Jeht and her father. There will no enemies here to fight you for the page.

On the other side of the camp, Torn page number eight is near. You will appear that there is only one Eremite enemy, but when you approach three will appear. The page is glued to a wooden crate.

The next two locations are recommended by walking. Using any teleport way point will place you lower than the torn page locations and force you to climb. The ninth page is resting on a mat in a large Eremite camp. You'll need to defeat two elite Eremite enemies here.

The last page is in a ruined structure with a few eremites and treasure hoarders guarding it. Look for the page in the pile of debris picture above.

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