The Dirge of Bilqis is the world quest guide for Genshin Impact Dune-Entombed Fecundity Part I

The Dirge of Bilqis is the world quest guide for Genshin Impact Dune-Entombed Fecundity Part I ...

Part I of Dune Entombed Fecundity is a Genshin Impact World Quest and is the third part of the quest chain The Dirge of Bilqis. It's available now after you've completed the following prerequisites:

  • Wisdom Has Built Her House, She Has Hewn Out Her Seven Pillars
  • The Temple Where Sand Flows Like Tears

How to Complete Dune-Entombed Fecundity Part I World Quest in Genshin Impact

Don't forget to turn on your quest navigator to make it easier to get from one location to another. It won't be useful in every part of the quest, but it might become useful when you lose your way.

After you've reached the Tanit Camps, you'll be prompted to begin an expedition through the Passage of Ghouls. Make sure to bring a battle-ready team as there are a few battles throughout this quest.

In the Passage of Ghouls, head to the Teleport Waypoint and jump down the cliff directly in front of it. A small cutscene will appear. Defeat them with the help of Jeht and Azariq to proceed.

After the dialogue, you'll be asked to enter Mt. Damavand. Follow the quest navigator further west until you reach the viewpoint of Bayt Al-Muazzam. Turn left to go to the Eremite camp.

On the way out, you'll notice a locked device. You may interact with it to complete the objective. Doing so will trigger dialogue with Jeht and unlock the device. Start it up again, causing sand to fall up ahead.

Follow the quest navigator to the left side of the device. You'll find a Four-Leaf Sigil which you can hook onto to get to the other side. You'll also discover a Seelie that you can follow if you wish. Otherwise, go forward.

Interact with the device to start it up once you have reached the clearing pictured above. Sand will begin flowing from a nearby structure, and dialogue with Jeht will prompt.

Glide down to find a locked and unlocked device. For the time being, ignore the locked device and turn your attention to the larger object up ahead. Interact with the unlocked device to connect the junction on the ground and turn on the larger structure inside the room up ahead.

Enter the room and interact with the Everlight Cell. It is necessary to do this from the right side of the column, as an invisible wall is blocking the right side of the column. Once you interact with it, it will create a Primal Beam connecting to the floating Cell. This will prompt a Common Chest to spawn outside and unlock the remaining device.

Exit the room and loot the Common Chest. Then interact with the device behind it to connect the second junction, completing this segment.

Glide east, approaching the massive slanted rock pictured above. Go behind it to find a device and some fungi. Defeat the enemies to get them out of the way.

Interact with the device to open a door further ahead. Then turn right and climb the steps to reach an intersection. Turn left to enter the newly opened room, which will have a small scene and dialogue with Jeht.

To enter the central area, you need to solve a couple of puzzles. Refer to this comprehensive walkthrough with all of the puzzle answers: How to Find another Way to Enter the Central Area in Genshin Impact

After solving the puzzles above and entering the door, loot the Common Chest waiting for you. Glide or plunge downward, then head toward the cone-shaped opening up ahead. You'll immediately spot a hidden Teleport Waypoint, which we recommend unlocking for future exploration. Also discover a glowing spot nearby.

Continue walking forward while keeping the same ground layer as you climb up the glowing spot. Defeat these to unlock the locked mechanism, and interact with the latter to open the massive entrance to an enclosed room.

Turn left to go down the stairs. Liloupar's fragment will immediately pop up on a small patch of grass. Interact with it to initiate conversation with your exploration party.

Return to the upper floor and climb the stairs to reach the ruins of a water supply station. Keep going forward, then turn right to enter a coffin-shaped doorway with a glowing spot. Complete the task and continue on.

Then attack the Consecrated Beast (purple scorpion) and open a door to the right. There's a clue up ahead, but you can ignore it.

Loot the Exquisite Chest to get a Quest Item called Border Fort. It may be used later on in the game to solve the chessboard puzzle at Shafhe Shatranj. After looting the Chest, go to the entrance that just opened and continue following the same path.

Once inside the room, you'll discover a device down the stairs. Interact with it to trigger a minor sand falling sequence.

Enter the room behind the device and savor the descent. Interact with the yellow mechanism at the center of the room to spawn enemies. There will be two waves of Primal Constructs (two per wave). Defeat them all to savor the entrance.

Complete the World Quest and unlock the next one in the series called Dune-Entombed Fecundity: Part II.

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