Is High On Life now over?

Is High On Life now over? ...

High On Life became an instant hit on Xbox and Game Pass, displaying the same humor and style as Rick and Morty's hit show. Despite its popularity, High On Life has become a hot topic of discussion after Squanch Games' CEO was investigated and charged. This might leave fans wondering whether or not High On Life will be canceled.

Is High on Life canceled?

High On Life is not canceled, and will continue to be supported and improved by Squanch Games. The game is also available for purchase or download via Game Pass.

Is Justin Roiland still working on High On Life?

Justin Roiland resigned from his role as CEO of Squanch Games following the controversy and domestic violence allegations. He no longer has anything to do with High On Life or the development studio. Fans of the title and Squanch Games' other projects may continue to support the studio without fear of Roiland's involvement in the development process.

Is Justin Roiland still with Rick and Morty?

Adult Swim has announced that Justin Roiland would be outed if he didn't play the main characters in the popular series Rick and Morty. Roiland will no longer be involved in the project, although Adult Swim has not yet announced who will take Roiland as the voices.

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