How to Get Dark Blade V3 in Blox Fruits Roblox

How to Get Dark Blade V3 in Blox Fruits Roblox ...

Roblox Blox Fruits is a game about becoming the strongest fighter possible, whether it's changing your character's race to Ghoul or more straightforward methods like upgrading weapons and armor. For the former, there is a weapon in the game called the Dark Blade that is difficult to unlock and may be a breeze to unlock.

Roblox Blox Fruits' ability to obtain the Dark Blade V3

The Dark Blade V3 is only available on servers where the previous version was previously obtained. Lastly, you must get every race other than Ghoul and Cyborg to its V3 version.

  • Obtain a Fist of Darkness, which can be obtained by defeating Sea Beasts or by opening a chest, though farming Sea Beasts is highly recommended due to the variance of chests.
  • Find a friend and help them to obtain another Fist of Darkness, as each of you will need one for the requirements.
  • Head to the Graveyard while your friend heads to the Darkbeard boss area.
  • Once you reach the Graveyard, look around on the sides of the giant rocks there until you find a square button. This button will be attached to a very flat, squared side of one of the rocks.
  • Once you find the button, tell your friend to start the Darkbeard boss fight, then press the button.
  • This will cause the rock face to open, revealing a wall of white light.
  • After this, your Dark Blade will now glow white instead of green and you will obtain the Slayer of God title.

By talking to the rip_indra NPC, you may alter the dark Blade colors. This is also located in the Graveyard.

Roblox Blox Fruits' most effective method for acquiring a Dark Blade

The most straightforward way to get your hands on a Dark Blade is to purchase one. As a mythical weapon, knives are worthless as long as players have $15 to blow. However, most players have shied away from purchasing one because of the high price tag.

The Dark Blade is purchased in the form of a Game Pass in Blox Fruits, but one of the Game Passes acts as a Dark Sword after it is activated. This allows other players to gain a Dark Sword instead of gifting or trading it.

One of the ways you can acquire a Dark Sword organically is by meeting one of the developers of Blox Fruits. On occasion, these developers have given players a Brazil Cube, which is quite literally a cube with the flag of Brazil on it. So if you meet one of the developers in-game, you might now have a Dark Sword.

Mihawk isn't a character in the game, nor is he any more unlikely to lose a Dark Blade on these rare occasions.

The easiest way to get a Dark Blade is unfortunately to purchase it, as other methods are praying that the creators will one day be online and near you.

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