Is Peeves a Hogwarts Legacy character?

Is Peeves a Hogwarts Legacy character? ...

Hogwarts Legacy is about bringing fans as close to a true Hogwarts experience as possible. Part of that mission is to recreate the titular school with high fidelity to the original Harry Potter book series. Well, it appears he has made it into Hogwarts Legacy.

Is Peeves still alive in Hogwarts Legacy?

Peeves may have already been seen in the first gameplay demonstration. Avalanche software tweeted out another Hogwarts ghost, Nearly-Headless Nick, a fan-favorite patron ghost of the Gryffindor house.

What hasn't been verified is whether players may interact with the famous prankster. Peeves appears to be more like an element of the environment rather than an NPC in each appearance. Fans may have to settle for seeing him sliding down banisters or hearing vile poems about toilet diving while he knocks down our classmates.

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